Before we begin, we need to have some basic medical information about you. Things like your weight, sex, age etc. They help us with our calculations. We do that in the registration step.

Registering is easy, it's done in a few steps, and you can do it anonymously.

What disorders can cause mental problems?

Many illnesses, like Thyroid malfunction, fat metabolism malfunction, Vitamin B12 deficiency, sugar metabolism malfunction, shortage of calcium, and many others, could cause psychological disorders. Unfortunately, these syndromes aren't usually investigated when treating psychological problems; and that's why in many cases, treatment takes longer than it should.

What disorders can this method help with?

Many of the mental issues caused by biological problems cab be diagnosed with this method. Depression, anxiety, lack of motivation, loss of pleasure, unusual fatigue, abnormal hunger, under-creativity and many others, can have biological causes.

How does it detect mental disorders?

The system uses recognized international psychological tests, called "PHQ Screeners" to detect depression and anxiety. In the registration step, we provide you with two online tests, called "The Depression Test" and "The Anxiety Test" along with a "Clinical Interview." If you choose to answer the questions, the system, using simple formulas, "measures" your depression and anxiety level and tells you how serious your problem is, or whether or not you should see a therapist. You can print your tests` report and show it to your physician to help them diagnose your problem more accurately.

How does it know my biological status?

When the registration is done, we give you a lab test prescription. After you do the test, you can enter the results in the system. It then processes your results and tries to find in them patterns usually present in other people with mental disorders — if there are any.

How does the treatment work?

After processing your test results, the system first informs you of any abnormalities it finds, or it might recommend — or urge — you to visit a specialist, depending on the severity of the issue. If the problem seems treatable using diets, it generates the diet for you. It might also recommend you to use safe medicines. Obviously, you shouldn't take them without consulting your physician first.

Does it help with medical human errors?

Absolutely. When getting your report, the system also puts in some additional information for your physician, along with detailed report of your condition. The system also gives you a profile containing some information about you that could help your physician make more informed decisions about your treatment.